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Studies have shown journalling to boost mindfulness, memory, sleep and communication skills.

The journal is a great way of tracking what we do and why we do it.

Journals can reflect and shape our realities.

Regular writing can help you communicate complex ideas effectively.

It helps you see opportunities that may not have been apparent at first glance.

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Get writing easily with prompts.

Explore further, faster.

Hundreds of prompts to get you started.

  • Variety of prompts designed to help you explore.
  • Try out Mindfulness, Gratitude, Grow, Work, Progress, Monthly Review, Resilience and more.

Focus on what matters to you.

  • Add your own prompts.
  • Save your favourite prompts.
  • Remember your moments.
  • Relax and wind down.

Get more out of journaling.

  • Consider a prompt a day for a week to explore your ideas bit by bit.
  • Check in by keyword and tag to see your ideas develop and grow.

Keep it simple to fit in with your day


Set up a 5 min Journal

  • Add a subtle timer to let you know when you've reached your daily goal.
  • A few minutes or a few words a day can have a huge impact.

Quick Packs for right now

  • Timely prompts so you can journal on the go.
  • Try themed prompt packs on Good Morning, This Week, Lunchtime, Peaceful Evening, Sleep Well.

QuickWrite without opening the app

  • No time for an in depth session? Write a few lines straight from a notification without even opening the app.
  • Easy enough to write with your coffee or on your way home.

Free prompts. Free to try.

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4 steps to more clarity


  • Bite size writing

    Bite size your thinking

    Use prompts to write effortlessly.
    Gain insights, minutes at a time.

  • When to write?

    When to write?

    Set reminders to fit in with your life.
    Write to start your day well, after you meditate, on your commute or to wind down before bed.

  • 5 min journal

    Limited time?

    Set up a 5 min journal in the app. QuickWrite straight from reminders.

  • Level up

    Level up

    Focus on what matters to you.
    Pick your guides. Explore your life.
    Get insights from your past with sentiment analysis.

Take a breath. Get comfortable.

Get clarity in minutes.

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